Success in this uncertain world

In this article, we are are going to talk about where to start the road to success.

A happy successful freelancer

Every day when you wake up, what is always the first thing that comes to your mind? Fix your bed? Coffee? Breakfast? Or maybe you think it is still too early and you have spare minutes to sleep again? No matter what it is, eventually, you will stand up and do the things you set for yourself to do for the day, and once you are done, you will sleep again. But what was really the first thing you did? Think. I am not asking you to think, but that was literally the first thing you did after waking up. By the end of your thinking, you will decide to stand up and be the person you are setting yourself to be. Check! That’s the first successful thing you are doing every day since you were born. But, where are you in life right now?

Why is success hard to reach?

Most of us had that moment when we felt unable to move from where we are. You were confused about what to do next in your life, and you felt an unending agony, thinking about your wrong decisions and failures from the past. When you try to envision the future, the light at the end of the tunnel seems very hard to see. You keep telling yourself “I want to succeed” or ‘” This is the end of the line for me, I am content somehow…’. With all the minutes you spent thinking about those things, do you remember if you asked yourself, “what is success in the first place?”. Most of the time you’ll end up telling yourself to do the same things you are doing every day because you need money because you are a part of this society because you think it is a shame not to do anything at all, or because the world keeps on changing. Have you ever come across the phrase “Change is the only constant in life”? Probably you did. This is a phrase by Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher. You are maybe thinking that the constant change keeps success out of reach, or the constant change gives you many chances and opportunities. Change can make you feel robbed, but change is the only thing that opens a new path. It can make you feel lost, it can make you feel stuck but what you decide to do next is what will define your success. Success is hard to reach only when your hands are in your pockets, counting all the bills inside it, and not realizing that the space your hands occupied can still be filled with more bills. But, we have our own excuses. The following list may give you the idea on what is stopping you:

  1. Fear – It is not because you can’t do it, but it is because you are afraid of failing
  2. Overconfidence – You stop doing things because you know you can do it anyway, which may lead to procrastination
  3. Procrastination – Most of us are guilty of delaying our success because we think that the path to it is still available next day
  4. There will be number 4, 5 and so on if you will keep making your own excuses

So, which one is yours?

Defining success

If you will think about it, surely you have a very long list of excuses on why you are not successful at this point, or maybe you are, you just didn’t ask yourself what is success. Success is not always about having more. Success can be having less, or success can be having enough. Some of you may say, success is waking up every day. Yes, you have a point. Some might say, success is all about continuously breathing. Well, surely it is. And some may say, success is all about us able to put food on our table or an iPhone in our hands. That is correct, but it is more of a reward than a success. Tomorrow, you may not be waking up, not able to breathe, not be able to eat nor use your device, do you think you were successful? Success, for me, is a feeling of fulfillment and knowing that you can live the rest of the days the way you are living it right as of this moment. If life will end tomorrow, can you say you succeeded? Yes, you have done enough and have no control over it. But life probably won’t end tomorrow and you will continue to live, so what do you need to do? Do the things that will make you feel fulfilled. What can make you feel fulfilled? A life without worries. How can you achieve that? There are so many answers to this question. Right? There are so MANY ways to achieve it and it only takes one excuse to stop you. Don’t you think it is easier if you have no excuse at all? So go on, do your best every day, keep finding your passion, keep moving even if you feel lost, embrace change, and when you wake up again the next day, the first thing you will do is not to think, but to smile.

Oneiropolos Creations was born out of the realization that freelancing is the right step to follow the passion in arts, and guess what, this my first step to success that i foresee. This was made possible through the help of the Filipino Virtual Assistance by Coach Grace Locsin. If you are reading this, do know that you received another opportunity that may lead you to success!

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